Patrice Lynn – The Brain Training Expert

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On the front lines of leadership and personal and professional development for over 20 years, Patrice Lynn has assisted thousands of entrepreneurs, business owners, community leaders, and professionals to become the best leaders they can be.

Accelerate Your Brain Training for Spectacular Results

Patrice Lynn, is entertaining, educating, and energizing audiences with her dynamic RISE to Success program – a revolutionary approach to life, business, and learning. A recognized ‘Training Specialist’, Patrice’s ability to design engaging accelerated learning experiences sets her apart in her field. A sought-after ‘Results Coach’ since 1995, Patrice is the go-to personal development expert who can make a significant difference in your life.

Patrice has guided over 300 companies to improved profitability and performance and over 2000 individuals to reach their personal goals. Intuitive and knowledgeable, Patrice’s breakthrough insights will cut through the mind clutter and empower you to refocus your life and business for optimum results.

Patrice’s Signature Program: *RISE to Success*

Patrice Lynn is an advocate of lifelong learning and the author of the soon-to-be-released book, RISE to Success – Train Your Brain in Just 15 Minutes a Day.

In her book introduction Patrice Lynn says, “When I started sharing with people what I know about how to get positive results utilizing brain science, mental imagery, spaced repetition and quantum physics, I was quite surprised by how curious people were and how much they wanted to incorporate these principles into their lives, too. It was then that I realized I had touched on something powerful.

I heard a rallying cry from people who want big-time results that bring freedom, joy and true prosperity. That’s when I decided to go public with my signature program RISE to Success. This program covers the top areas to consider if you want to build a successful life – from how you think repetitively, what you imagine, the words you speak and how you feel – the RISE!

By sharing the techniques and insights in this book, I want to be a change agent for you. That is, you will begin to see a new reality, a new paradigm to easily unleash more of your potential with the RISE to Success daily system. These are things I have personally experienced on my journey. I spent years of trial and error perfecting the process — with exciting results. Now you can use it as the ultimate shortcut to your success. You will reach your goals and visions with renewed hope and optimism.”

Patrice Lynn’s book will be available internationally on Amazon. You can have immediate access to her simple daily system in a RISE to Success audio course, eBook and her custom-made RISE to Success Journal. For a 2-minute evaluation of how well you are currently programming your brain for results, download the FREE RISE Checklist on this page. It is time to quit wasting your valuable grey matter. Imagine the positive impact as you catapult beyond the typical 10% brain capacity  – and use more and more of your brain every day!