Today I asked a question and within three hours I had a clear, definitive answer straight from heaven. The story goes like this….

Earlier in the day I was listening to internet marketing multi-millionaire Sandi Krakowski share the tips and techniques that have built her online business to a phenomenal level. She shared that without a doubt the ability to pray for her followers and her community has meant the most to everyone involved. Immediately, I found myself wondering and asking the universe if this was something that would be good for me to do? After all, years ago I went through ministry training and have spent countless hours in prayer groups saying spontaneous prayers out loud over people and am very comfortable with this. 

It was a simple question sent out into the ethers just as a simple curiosity. We all have those moments when we just wonder about something in our minds. We think the thought and when we receive a quick answer, seemingly out of nowhere, it is quite heartwarming, isn’t it?

Three hours later I received a LinkedIn message from Diane, a woman I met 10 years previous as a fellow ActionCOACH franchise owner. She said I want you to know how thankful I am for you and the prayer you gave me years ago! It has gotten me through the best and worst times! Stay blessed, my sweet friend!!”  What? I was so surprised and to tell you the truth, I did not remember the details, so I asked her to remind me about the prayer. 

She immediately sent me a photocopy of a page from Sheri Rose Shepherd’s book My Princess that I had given to her. The prayer was titled “I Will Uphold You” which shares the story about Esther being born for “such a time as this” when she influenced her husband the King and helped to save the Jewish people. Diane went on to say I’ve kept it in my Bible all these years!” In the picture I noticed a special handwritten message I wrote to her about how God sees her, cares for her and believes in her.

How amazed I was in that moment to realize that even though I have not seen her in 10 years, the prayer had been very meaningful to her for all these years. And “coincidentally” she chose today to let me know. In that moment, I felt so strongly God was speaking to me right away to stay on the path I began years ago and continue to share prayers and encouraging words to others; that we never know the difference a small gesture can make in the big picture of a person’s life. My heart was overflowing with gratitude of the power of God to touch our lives. 

To learn more about how to be in tune with these kinds of positive results in your life, I have created a checklist as part of my signature program R.I.S.E. to Success. You can receive a free copy of the checklist here. I look forward to staying in touch and sharing more stories and insights with you. 

With Love and Peace, Patrice 



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