Focus on What You Want…the More Intense, the Better!

by Patrice Lynn on July 28, 2017

June 1st, 2017 was a very special day! I got to meet my mentor and hero Dr. Joe Dispenza!! He is a pioneer in the field of neuroscience, quantum physics and personal transformation. I have been following him since he starred in ‘What the Bleep Do We Know?’ in 2004, my favorite movie of all time. I quote him frequently in the book I am writing called RISE to Success. He has taught me so many incredible things – I am so grateful! 

Using the techniques I write about in my book, I was able to get a last minute front row seat to Dr. Joe’s small, intimate SOLD OUT event here in Sedona at the Illuminate Film Festival. Every day for 3-4 days leading up to the event, I activated the IMAGES portion of my RISE to Success system in my RISE to Success Journal in the following way:

I wrote a paragraph of what I wanted to happen and turned it into a movie production on my IMAGE SCREEN. Next I focused intently on it for 2 minutes at a time in a sensually rich fashion, felt and expected what it would be like to attend his lecture, speak with Dr. Joe one-on-one, get an answer to a question from him and get my picture taken with him… all of which happened within a few days! AND, I might add, he was very UNavailable to the public, for questions and photos. Earlier at the 100-person seminar he bolted out of the room with no interaction with people at all. He likely has to protect himself energetically, because so many people want to get close to him. Dr. Joe Dispenza has become very popular because his message resonates with many people, and great numbers are getting incredible results with his meditations and teachings. 

A few hours after his seminar, the premier of the movie HEAL was shown at the Sedona Performing Arts Center auditorium which was filled with over 1,000 health-conscious people. Dr. Joe starred in the movie HEAL and shared many stories of the incredible results people are getting from accessing the quantum field and getting beyond “self”. During the panel discussion after the premier, I was one of two people with the privilege to be handed a microphone and able to ask Dr. Joe a direct question (something I envisioned). After the panel ended, I acted courageously to connect with him from the stage.  I waved to him and asked if we could have our photo taken together and he said “Just a second” as he finished up with the producers of the movie. Moments later he  walked closer to me and said, “So, you want me to come over to the edge of the stage, and kneel down so you can get a photo of us together?”  I confidently replied, “Yes!” How could he say “no” to such an enthusiastic, adoring student as me??? And, as you can see from the photo, that is exactly what happened. You gotta love moments like this!  FOCUS – CLARITY – INTENTION – CREATION.

The whole experience showed me, once again, how powerful it is to get clear about what you want, and with intentional, daily repetition and intense emotion, imagine how it will be with very specific circumstances. I created this mental movie in my mind first. When I did this over a span of just a few days and it came true, I realized I literally created the experience out of “thin air”, out of the quantum realm where there is no space and time and everything is possible. I am sure that no one else in the room had this level of FOCUS and CLARITY and took the time to CREATE it mentally and emotionally first! I made the waves of possibility collapse into particles of reality. Ta-Da! This is exactly how I envisioned this magical moment with my mentor – an unforgettable experience I will never forget.

Dr. Joe Dispenza and I talked and I told him how I have followed him from the ‘Bleep’ movie to now and have learned so much, but never attended a live program. He enthusiastically suggested I attend one of his live workshops, where he promised to “Rock My World!!” He teaches all over the world, and I had missed a recent workshop in San Diego to be at this event in Sedona and finish writing my RISE to Success book.

As fate would have it, just after meeting Joe, I ran into the lovely energy worker Leah Denmark Starlight in the aisle of the Performing Arts Center. She was the one who told me Dr. Joe and Gregg Braden have taken their work to a whole new level, and that she occasionally speaks on stage with them. A few days earlier when I knew Dr. Joe would be in town, I had asked if she could introduce us, but she said he would be unavailable for such meetings. I was smiling from ear to ear as I showed her my pic I just had taken with Dr. Joe and told her he suggested  for me to attend one of his live events. I expressed I would love to go and she she excitedly said, “There is one in Las Vegas next week!” Wow – I did not know. That is just a 5 hour drive from Sedona, and on my way to my next stop in California. Hallelujah! What a blessing Leah has been in my life. You could say all of this happened because I met her…in line at Staples in Sedona of all places!

Thanks to Leah, I did attend the Progressive workshop in Vegas with 500 other people and it was beyond AMAZING! Dr. Joe Dispenza gave us very clear specifics, reinforced at a much deeper level and more powerfully the things I have been learning from him for a decade, and most importantly, we practiced the meditations as a group. The synergy of the group created a dynamic and yet calm energy. What a gift to be with so many other conscious creators in one place. Dr. Joe is a walking, talking encyclopedia of information about how to use your mind and body to create the life you want. I highly recommend attending any of his events around the world.

What a lovely and memorable day – filled with high vibrations, beautiful connections and gratitude!!





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