imagesIn today’s world of pressure to produce results, unlimited and alluring distractions and an ever changing economic climate, you may be scrambling to get things done, advance, and make money… but ultimately feel like you are spinning in circles.

You are not alone.

Many people struggle to manage their time and spend their energy on what really matters. Weekly Planning is an answer to the dilemma. You will love Weekly Planning for the following reasons:

1. Our lives are structured by the week

Monday through Friday, plus Saturday and Sunday, the illustrious “weekend”. Week after week, year after year, we follow this pattern.

When it comes to managing our time, planning and accomplishing things, why would we want to stray from this model? It is the way our hearts and minds are wired.

2. Go with the flow in a good way

Weekly planning is a brilliant way to clarify what you need to accomplish while allowing for the ebb and flow of life to wash through your week without you getting off track. It is the epitome of “going with the flow” in a good way.

Let’s face it; things come up, life happens, and in any given day things can go sideways from your plan. Quickly. We have all experienced this, right? We live in a world filled with distractions and it is easier than ever to lose focus, be inconsistent and not move forward, but just spin around in circles.

3. You will feel more successful

If you are doing the traditional daily planning model (or no model at all!), it is quite easy to feel like a failure if you don’t accomplish what you set out to do in a given day. That why you will LOVE Weekly Planning. If you veer off track one day due to an emerging crisis, important interruption, a project that went overtime, feeling lethargic or excessive idle time spent on social media, you can get right back on track the next day and keep checking your items off the weekly list.

4. Holistic approach using both sides of brain

It is a holistic approach that balances both sides of our brain and can give you up to 50% more productivity each week. Your left brain will keep you focused on your written list and likes detail, black and white and is linear. Your right brain will be happy with seeing it visually in one total view and appreciates the creative way in which you can allow for emotional waves to be honored and still keep aligning with what the goals and objectives are.

Weekly planning is a perfect balance of masculine and feminine. Once you put Weekly Planning into effect and allow your true nature to be expressed, you will be surprised by how much you can truly accomplish in one week. Your productivity will soar and you will bring more balance to your life.

Peace and Calm