Amazon #1 Bestseller: **RISE to Success**

Amazon #1 Bestseller: **RISE to Success**

4 Simple Steps to Retrain Your Brain & Recharge Your Life!

4 Simple Steps to Retrain Your Brain & Recharge Your Life!

Book and Workbook All Rolled Into One Book!


“I have read your book RISE to Success, and wow, what a gem. You have imagined, designed, and created a wonderfully rich, practicable, and lasting gift that will certainly inspire those who courageously RISE to their full potential! Fabulous writing, Patrice. I enjoyed the "you" in your book and all the great stories that bring your points to fruition. Very fun and informative, for sure.”

Martha Hahn
Chief, Science and Natural Resources, Grand Canyon, Retired

“Patrice Lynn's masterwork Rise to Success is a must-read for anyone aspiring to change their current situation in life. Whether it is a desire for more money, a better job, or a loving relationship with a significant other; whatever it is, this book can help you achieve it. Patrice obviously knows what she is talking about. This book is well researched, and is laid out in a way that makes it easy to understand.

The author also gives you a step-by-step plan for seamlessly implementing the books' strategies into your own life. I wish I had found a book like this 20 years ago when I first began my journey into the law of attraction and self-manifestation. It's like 15 books rolled onto one, and will save you many hours and days reading countless other books!”

Scott Henson
Bumper Man Franchise Owner

RISE to Success came along at the perfect time in my life! Having a daily system to focus on my goals and visualize my ideal future gives me confidence that I will get results. The downloadable journals have been a huge benefit to me. You have changed my life with these brain insights Patrice. Thank You.”

Mark Hoover
Real Estate Investor

"Patrice has written a powerful book, RISE to Success, that is a must-read for anyone interested in changing their habits. I’ve read other books in a similar vein — this one is the most cutting edge and relevant. The narrative is strong and to the point. Nothing is wasted. Change your life by reading this book.”

Richard Campbell
Co-author of Writing Your Legacy: The Step-by-Step Guide to Crafting Your Life Story

Meet the Author

Patrice Lynn | The Brain Training Expert

For over 25 years, Patrice has helped thousands of people to grow personally and professionally as a speaker, learning specialist, and results coach. She has seen the model for success evolve as advances in science and spirituality have shifted our paradigms. Her book is a response to the rallying cry from people just like you—curious about how to utilize neuroscience, mental imagery, and laws of physics to create freedom and success on your own terms.

Table of Contents

  • PART 1: How to Wire All of Your Brain for Success

    In Part One, you will activate your conscious mind to identify exactly what you want by using REPETITION, IMAGES, SOUND, and EMOTION in smart ways (RISE). This process is where the power lies. The RISE design will enable you to be present, positive and mindful as you become aware of what you think, see, say and feel. Real life examples illustrate for you the strength and effectiveness of these principles.

  • Part 2: Positive Results From the Inside Out

    Part Two dives into the inner world of change and helps make sense of the driving forces that work for you and the restraining forces that push against you. Here you will learn how beliefs are actually formed and how to override old programs of your subconscious mind, liberating your life. You will love the insights that encourage you to let go of certain parts of outdated, traditional goal setting in favor of goals aligned to your “Sweet Spot”.

  • PART 3: From Science to the Supernatural

    Part Three explains — in simple terms — how to harness brain science, quantum physics, and spiritual dimensions that will help manifest your vision. When you imagine the future you desire, your brain perceives it as if you are experiencing it in real time, bringing reality from the future to the present moment. As you understand your brain’s natural state of energy, vibration and frequency you can tap into supernatural results.

  • Part 4: How to RISE to Success in 15 Minutes Per Day

    In Part Four, you will learn specifically how to establish an empowering 15-minute daily routine using the RISE to Success Journal. The world’s wealthiest agree a powerful morning routine contributes to greater levels of success. This daily habit will prime your brain for expanded creativity, optimism, and inner peace. As you consistently start your day with this brain activation ritual you will feel increasingly in control of your destiny.