For over 20 years Patrice Lynn has facilitated greater levels of success for Leaders and Professionals of all ages and positions.

Listen to what some of her valued Clients have to say about the benefits they received from working with Patrice…

“Each time our coaching session has ended I have felt like my head and heart have been expanded. Because of who you are – I grow. I expand. You encourage that in me.”  Tom Jacobson, IT Manager

“Patrice – lasting positive change & beauty are surely works of patience and persistence. You have helped me glimpse a “beauty way”, a method and a habit of working life that can add up to quite a work of art. Thank You!”  David Adlair, Businessman

“Patrice’s coaching has had a dramatic effect on our business. We have achieved tremendous clarity with regards to goals and priorities. My focus and productivity have reached new heights. Working with Patrice has enabled me to focus on new product development which is a goal I’ve had for twenty years, but have never been able to attain. Our executive team agreed on the tools Patrice offered to create a more challenging and productive workplace. Patrice lives what she teaches. She is an inspiring coach and we intend to continue working with her indefinitely. Her support and guidance have proved to be practical and valuable and I highly recommend Patrice to any business interested in improving overall performance and profits.”Steve Ellenberg, President, Trumark Manufacturing

“Patrice has a great desire for knowledge and be with people. She has some new, innovative ideas that are very helpful in moving people out of old patterns into a new, more productive way of operating in all aspects of life.”
Lynne McCormick, Board of Realtors

“I have been in business for nearly fifteen years and have been very successful as a mail order vitamin and mineral company. Initially, I was not sure if I needed a consultant in light of my previous success. Was I wrong! Patrice’s insightful advice and tireless support have motivated and inspired me in ways that I couldn’t foresee previously: The programs and structures she recommended and custom-tailored for my business are working. Our sales have increased and are on the up-swing every month. I appreciate Patrice’s expertise and I would not hesitate to recommend her for a start-up or successful business.”
James Templeton, President, Uni Key Health Systems, Inc., Hayden Lake, Idaho

“Patrice, you have a great gift for expression and I can also see that you have a genuine concern for people. We are pleased to have you as an independent consultant and feel you will represent our philosophies of Principle-Centered Leadership very well.”
Stephen R. Covey, Author, 7 Habits of Highly Effective People


“I am amazed at how much control I have over my business after less than one year of coaching. My time is free to work ON the business and not just IN it. My management team is in place and I am able to work from home with more time for my family.”
Carrie Magruder, Owner, The BrickHouse Massage

“Thank you so much for supporting me through my transition. You are a very power-filled woman and it is warming to be in the presence of your God radiance. Thank you for being ‘beauty’ fully expressed.”
Val, Heartflight

“Through her tough but gentle approach, Patrice has empowered our 20-year old ADHD son to succeed in college. Since third grade we have been dragging him to counselors and specialists; he hated them all. When I told him about Patrice, he initially refused to meet her. Finally, he agreed, but just for 1 or 2 sessions. That was a year ago; quickly he bonded with Patrice, and now he treasures his tightly scheduled telephone sessions with her. It’s an expense, but the skills and strategies she gives him are priceless. Freedom Focus is teaching him to be a possibilities thinker, to set goals, and to stay focused.”
Linda Vanderwold, President, VanWrite Systems

“I so admire your energy, your spunk, and your drive.  I will always be thankful that you have been a part of my life. You are so successful at life!”
Ann Louise Gittleman, New York Times Best Selling Author, The Fat Flush Plan


“In one year with ActionCOACH Patrice Lynn, I increased my monthly membership sales 1000% through people, technology, and marketing leverage. I have developed the skills and confidence to lead and manage the growth of 5 strong national teams.”
Margie Basaraba, Mobile Business

“I believe having Patrice as your coach is the right move. I have found her to be extremely valuable in several areas of Corporate Development. My work habits have improved immensely, especially my abilities to be more proactive, focused and organized. We are implementing an effective time management tool and I am aligning my weekly roles and goals with the bigger vision for my department. Patrice has helped me to clarify that vision, visualize my goals and begin to achieve them. The regular communication with her has begun to influence those around me. Patrice makes working with a coach a pleasure – her genuine concern comes through as well as her incredible wealth of knowledge. Patrice – thanks for the positive contribution you have made to my life!
Laura G. Malagon, Quality Services Manager, Noven Pharmaceuticals

“We do so appreciate all the good things you have done in relation to Sydney. She has benefited from your coaching–I see her as having made remarkable improvements in many areas. She is blossoming every day. I believe she sees herself differently too; this is a true blessing!!!!”
Celia Thompson, Mother

“Patrice projects that she believes in the innate goodness of all people and you in particular. She also inspires a sense of personal responsibility. She sees how much more effective people and businesses could be and seeks to help them get that way. I think her motivation is one of service more than having a job. She communicates well because she speaks form her heart as well as her mind. I wholeheartedly recommend Patrice.”
Leslie Schultz, Color World Printers

Sales Revenue

“YOU HAVE TO DO THIS! You don’t know what you don’t know, and in business what you don’t know can hurt you. I doubled my sales in the first 2 months of coaching. I am thrilled with our results.”
Cindra Shields, Publisher, Graphics Business Systems

“We completed The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People workshop in three months and feel it was one of the best training investments for our firm. We now consider it the foundation for all management training. Patrice is a gifted, enthusiastic facilitator who is very effective in an adult group learning environment. She was given high marks by our staff who commented ‘this was the most personally and professionally rewarding training I have ever received.’ Our personnel have stronger, more caring relationships evident in our approach to problems in the workplace. Others have benefited from lessons on communication and team building in supervising their staffs. ”
Judy Marshall, Director, ILX Lightwave

“Patrice, your class was really spectacular. I’ve spoken with a few people who attended and they really valued your teaching, knowledge, and style. Thanks so much for inviting me.”
Viveca Monahan, Life Coach

“What we got from Patrice is more than we asked for. Patrice was able to help us with personal productivity during our consolidation project and move to a new building. She ran several large group training sessions on personal work management and coached one on one with a few “tough” cases. Patrice helped us have fun with what was otherwise headed for being a pretty traumatic experience. Comments included: ‘Created a fired-up attitude in me to get organized’, ‘Gave concrete, useful ideas that could be implemented immediately’, ‘Able to visualize a new way of working and make it happen’. The bottom line is we more than accomplished our objective, and Patrice helped us have fun doing it!”
Art Upham, R&D Section Manager, Hewlett-Packard 


“With one ActionCOACH strategy, we brought in $160,000 in cash and reduced our aged accounts receivable to less than 1% – unheard of in our industry!”
Shawn Brosam, President, West Coast Iron

“Patrice Lynn came into my life just when I needed her. Selling my company I owned and operated for over 11 years – this is a very big deal! Patrice’s role as the coach one hour a week helped me 1) not to lose my mind 2) make it through learning as many lessons as possible along the way 3) acknowledge my sense of self through the transition. Working with Patrice has been extremely valuable to me. I can highly recommend her to tailor her skills and abilities to your unique situation as she has mine.”
Libby Stuber –President, Therapeutic Trends

“I want to thank you for your dedicated and capable work over the past year as my executive coach. Your style is warm and accepting, but you expect effort from your clients, as you should. The positive impact of your help is already evident. I have expanded the business, added personnel, and take time for long-term planning. As you know, I’ve launched a major business venture which converts one of my long-term goals into action. You have been both encouraging of this dream of mine, but you have also stressed the need for planning and identifying the critical success factors. With your tactful, but firm comments I now feel well grounded in the skills and the mental attitude necessary to make personal and business-related changes so I can be more organized and profitable.”
Jon X. Giltner, P.E., Jon X. Giltner & Associates Engineering

“Hiring Patrice as my Performance Coach has proved to be a great investment. I have my own successful skin and body care business as well as being the National Educator for Phytomer. Working with Patrice has helped me to save tremendous amounts of time, as well as develop my abilities to present in ways I could never have on my own. This individualized approach was less intimidating to me than attending a course. Having a coach allowed me to jump in, get started and move through the blocks to doing it. It is great to pay for a service and get something valuable!”
Melanie Schmidt, President, Essentiels

“At our first ActionCOACH team meeting we set a “Common Goal” of $16 million for 2007 with a net profit margin of 3.9%. Coaching has given me the confidence and tools to reach over $18 million in revenue, with a net profit of 7.2%; over $1,000,000! ”
Shawn Brosam, President, West Coast Iron


Team Alignment Day brought us together in a powerful way. Communication has improved and we have more synergy. The greatest benefit of coaching has been to get the right people on the bus. I am excited about my business all over again!”
De Scott, President, Simply Northwest

“I believe having Patrice as your coach is the right move. Her genuine concern comes through as well as her incredible wealth of knowledge.”
Laura Malagon, QA Manager, Noven Pharmaceuticals


“What we got from Patrice is more than we asked for. Patrice was able to help us with personal productivity during our consolidation project and move to a new building. The bottom line is we more than accomplished our objective, and Patrice helped us have fun doing it!”
Art Upham, Manager, Hewlett Packard

“The changes I made as a result of working with you have had an immediate, positive impact. Your ability to understand the ADD brain and how it affects me in my daily life has been empowering and practical.”
Tom Jacobson, IT Manager

“Patrice lives what she teaches. She is an inspiring coach and her support and guidance is valuable. I have achieved clarity with regards to my goals and priorities. My focus and productivity have reached new heights.“
Steve Ellenberg, President, Trumark

“Thank you so much for working with me to get back on track with my goals. You are a fantastic coach – I know I can hit goals now with some direction rather than floundering as I was before. Fortunately, your strength was where my weaknesses were. You are great!”
Mark Hoover, Businessman

“She helped me to understand myself better and to continually monitor that in this important and difficult time. Working with Patrice has been extremely valuable to me. I can highly recommend her to tailor her skills and abilities to your unique situation as she has mine.
Libby Stuber, President, Therapeutic Trends

“Patrice was able to glean meaningful feedback from my employees, clearly convey that feedback to me, and then provide me with excellent advice on how to make improvements.  I am very pleased with the results. The communication between me and my employees has never been better.”
Grant Bafas, Business Owner

“You popped into my mind after one of my centering sessions. A warm feeling came over me about how good I have been doing. You would be so happy with how I have been able to stay connected to the tools you taught me! Thank you for all I learned from you.”
Linda Blair, Businesswoman

“Many thanks for all your help. Joanie is blossoming and finding her way to fulfilling her dreams. So grateful! ”
Marietta Potin, Mother

“Anyone who desires an understanding of how to present information to others would benefit from attending Patrice Lynn’s Art & Science of Presentation. This training gives a clear track on which to run providing experienced presenters the science behind what you already intuitively know, and inexperienced presenters a simple understanding of what to do to be successful. I was impressed with Patrice’s humility and how much fun she had, which added so much to the training. I had fun – I am sure you will, too!”
Brian Bumpas, Businessman

“Patrice Lynn’s class “5 Steps to Profit in Any Economy” demonstrated how a 10% improvement in 5 key areas of business can dramatically improve your bottom line. Patrice gave creative recommendations for companies to adopt right now to help them thrive in any economy.”
Kim Morisaki, Montana West Economic Development

“I wish you happy trails and many thanks for your inspiration as a friend and coach. I really admire your strength in pursuing your path – the Patrice “Beauty Path” as some native Americans might say.”
David Adlair, Businessman

“Thank you for the seminar you put on for us. You triggered a few things we needed to address, and that is why we spent so much time at our roundtable discussions. Appreciate your pleasant personality and business insights.”
Dennis Rowe, Mandeville Real Estate

“Thanks for the positive contributions you have made – you are a pleasure to work with.”
Deborah M. Swalley, CareerTrack

“As a top executive, it is challenging to balance all the demands on me. It is helpful to have Patrice to talk to – she helps me to stay focused on the factors critical to our success.”
Robin Norris, COO, Noven Pharmaceuticals

“The bottom line is we accomplished our objective and you helped us have fun while doing it!”
Art Upham, Manager, Hewlett Packard

“The changes we made as a result of working with Patrice have had an immediate positive impact and have become a permanent part of the way our business operates.”
Stephanie Thibault, Celestial Seasonings

“Thank you for all you have done for me. I am grateful to have worked with a Coach who is so energetic, inspiring as well as patient.”
Seabring Davis, Former Intern, Editor, Big Sky Journal

“Your presentation was unique, enlightening and thoughtful. Your enthusiasm for this topic is contagious! The tools you presented are meaningful and really get one thinking. You have a wonderful style.”
Bozeman Job Service

“I had such an incredible retreat because of you! You were an awesome guide and made our time such an enjoyable experience. You are so strong mentally and physically and I have great admiration for you.”
Kristin Polak, Adventurer

“The results of your coaching are really starting to show! I appreciate the guidance you are giving me, my management team and my entire staff. Employee morale, productivity, customer retention and most importantly we are showing a nice profit now. It is all looking up! “Thanks for pushing me when I need it, backing off when I need it…and helping me to learn how to put the right things in place to achieve my goals. Looking forward to many WINS!”
Carrie Magruder, Businesswoman

“Your presentation skills are most impressive. I would like to thank you for providing our CPA association with much-needed skills. The benefits we received in setting goals, time management, and self-evaluation received high marks.”
Richard Tamblyn, Montana Association of CPA’s

“Patrice, appreciate you more than you know. Thanks for the opportunity to see you in ACTION. Your workshop was dynamic and I especially enjoyed the pairing off portion where key points were relayed from us to our partners – great method to reinforce the learning!”
Julie Delsaso, Nurse

“Thanks for your great contribution on leadership at our Board annual retreat. You do a superb job and the audience enjoyed the content and delivery of your presentation. I appreciate all the time and effort it takes to put it together and be good at delivering it – Bravo!”
Lynne McCormick, Bozeman Board of Realtors (Chamber Retreat)

“As always you are superb at getting the audience involved, making it interesting, informative and enjoyable. You winning smile helps to make your presentations engaging whether serious, informative or humorous – Great!”
Participant Feedback

“This 7 Habits of Highly Effective People class was exceptional and will change my life! Thanks for your teaching and caring. I enjoyed your enthusiasm and how you always go the extra mile. A very worthwhile seven weeks!”
Kathy Dawkins, Insty Prints

“You were one of the spiritual delights of our week together. I felt humbled, yet privileged to be entrusted with your story of growth, triumph and restored love. You are much more than a survivor – you are an “agent of transformation” for yourself and those around you. This gift will be multiplied many times over in your business. Thanks for being very special!
Jim Rush, Pastor, and Counselor

“We enjoyed working with Patrice on a wide range of tasks – from motivational speaking on leadership to team building for Leadership Bozeman to a seminar on How to Project a Positive Business Image, which was the best attended monthly seminar we ever had. Patrice has a very pleasing approach and great enthusiasm. We highly recommend her!”
Michele Letendre, Bozeman Chamber of Commerce

“Many thanks for your contribution towards making our divisional retreat last month a success. As a division with over 40 people and 20 nationalities dealing with infrastructure policy and project development and financing in Africa, time is of the essence. Your lucid presentation of time management issues and how to engineer a good day was very well received – the quadrants often come up in our discussion of new activities! You left your mark firmly imprinted on our staff.”
Jean H. Doyen, The World Bank

“Patrice is a person of high integrity and professionalism. She is a professional in every sense of the word. It has been a pleasure knowing and working with Patrice.”
Mary C., VP, Business and Professional Women’s Club

“Patrice, you are a visible example of the skills and philosophy that you teach. If ever there was a person that truly ‘walked their talk’, it is most certainly you!”
Donna Kesler, President, Health Enterprises

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