Life is Full of Turns of Events…

One minute you are struggling and scrambling, the next minute you are on top of the mountain! You are up, you are down, you get a crazy idea and it hits the jackpot, you position yourself for opportunity and the opportunity arrives! Here is one such story of Auburn’s #11 Chris Davis, positioned for the opportunity of his football career.  In case you missed this bit of pop culture in the sports world, you must watch this football play with 1 second left on the clock, Alabama trying to win a tie game with a field goal and instead…in a rare turn of events…

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I saw this LIVE on an unusual day when I rarely watch college football. Three of us stood in the living room as close to the TV as we could to share the excitement of a this spine tingling turn of events. I must have watched the replay 20 times since then. It just makes me smile. It is CRAZY! Sports really are a great metaphor for life and I am thrilled I got to experience this one and have my hope in “out-of-nowhere” victories renewed.

Chris Davis was positioned in the end zone “just in case” by Coach Gus Malzahn who had originally put someone else there and then during a timeout before the play, changed his mind. Chris was in position and in essence saying to himself, “I don’t want easy, I want CRAZY!” Watching him run, you could tell victory was in his heart and he would settle for nothing less. He ran and ran and ran and 109 yards later, he was in the end zone!

“The craziest finish in the history of college football”, “an improbable finish”, “stunning twist” and “God is good”, is what Davis said he thought about while he was running. “Divine intervention seemingly the only possible explanation.”

When 16-year old Danielle Bradbury won The Voice in Season 4, she was a 16 year old high school student who had only performed in public twice. Her voice is pitch perfect and strong, she is darling and wholesome and now she has a record deal and is on her way to country music stardom. She sang “I Don’t Want Easy, I Want Crazy!” with Hunter Hays and it made me think about how not wanting an easy life, but wanting a crazy one is where peak experiences are born.

Russell Crowe won an Oscar for Gladiator in 2000. In his acceptance speech he said, “When you who grow up in the suburbs of anywhere, a dream like this seems vaguely ludicrous and completely unattainable, but this moment is directly connected to those childhood imaginings. Anyone who is on the downside of advantage and relying purely on courage – it’s possible!”

A second put back on the clock in a high stakes game.

A change of strategy gives a player a chance to shine.

Historic unexpected run back wins the game.

Shy girl who sang only in her bedroom wins “The Voice”.

Guy from the suburbs becomes “Best Actor” in epic movie.

Opportunity comes and those who choose not to “take it easy”, but go for CRAZY – Win!

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