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Patrice Lynn, Master Coach and Founder of the Brain Boss Academy Will Help You to Stop Underutilizing Your Potential and Rewire Your Life for Success. These Revolutionary Insights Will Raise Your Energy Level and Self Confidence, and Help You Work Smarter and Not Harder. 

The Business Professional and Entrepreneur's Guide to the Power of FOCUS to Get Results! Be Set Free From Overwhelm, Fear, Uncertainty...Upgrade Your Brain and Get Ahead! 

RISE to Success... 
Real People, Real Results

  • MINDSET: Learn how to upgrade your brain and reprogram your mindset for abundance, freedom and happiness.
  • MISSION: Discover your "Why" and become unstoppable in the life you are meant to live.
  • MOVES: Implement simple daily habits to go beyond a boring, ordinary, or stressful life to one that is extraordinary. 
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Patrice Lynn, The Brain Boss
Master Life & Business Coach Sacramento, California
Brain Boss Academy Founder

Personal & Professional Growth Can Impact Your Life, too!

Would you like to learn alongside someone who really understands the challenges you face in life? Patrice Lynn is that person. She was born into a turbulent marriage and her parents divorced when Patrice was 2 years old. A part of her just disappeared and shut down. In her early childhood she was a victim of abuse and neglect. Throughout life she suffered multiple brain injuries via bicycle, trampoline, and skiing accidents. At age 17 Patrice had a near death experience in ICU after a kidney removal surgery. 

Because of the trauma she experienced early on in life, she developed a rare mental health condition, but did not know about this until decades later. In the meantime, she was diagnosed with ADHD as an adult. Her brain challenges have impacted her relationally financially, and emotionally, and given her unlimited compassion for others who struggle with these same things. 

Patrice discovered the path of personal and professional development and it literally altered the course of her life. Quickly she learned to take responsibility for her life, and be proactive to rise above her circumstances and create incredible results. Patrice has become an award-winning international Coach, worked with Fortune 100 companies, captured stages, empowered thousands of business owners and individuals, wrote a bestselling book, and entertained celebrities. She is a veteran in this exciting field and wants to share what she knows with you can live your best life now! 

 RISE to Success Bestselling Book 

The Secret Power of Your Brain to Change Your Life

Fresh, Out-of-the-Box, Invigorating! 

"The RISE model is simple yet powerful: 15 minutes a day WILL change your life. Combining cognitive psychology, neuroscience, peak performance, quantum physics, and spirituality, Patrice Lynn lays out a practical road map that she clearly has experienced herself and knows inside and out. Her love and passion for this work shines through on every page." Colleen C. 
"The brain will bend to your will and allow you to do things you never thought possible." 
Tom Bilyeu, Impact Theory Show
Co-Founder Quest Nutrition 
"RISE to Success is a must-read book for anyone wanting to change their habits. It is cutting-edge, relevant and to the point." 
Richard Campbell, Author of 
Write Your Legacy
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  • ​More cashflow
  • ​More RESULTS!

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Patrice Lynn, RISE to Success Speaker

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