Recently I celebrated my birthday, which for me is always a perfect time to reflect on my life. I took a walk by the river just steps from my house and the fall air was crisp and clean and the sun was shining brilliantly.

This past year was quite transformational for me and I found myself feeling quite happy with my life and knowing in my heart I have so much for which I am grateful. I snapped this photo of myself and realized it captures the pristine nature of this moment in time.


Wanting what you have involves taking time to reflect on the present moment and how the things you value are showing up on a day to day basis. Living our true values is to me what life leadership is all about.

Have you taken time to identify your values? Do you know if your are living in alignment with them? Are you happy with what you have in your life right now? Or, are you regularly wishing for more and focused on what you do not have? There is a fine line between taking action for a better life and being happy with where you are right now…pause…reflect…identify…connect with what is important to you. Here are a few of my top values:

Rich, Loving Relationships

A week ago, out of the blue, my niece invited me to come and visit her in Portland which meant I got to be with my niece, nephew, great nieces and nephews and their grandparents. I was right in the middle of the richness of connecting with family, playing with children and multitudes of hugs and snuggles.  And all my friends local and on social media who reached out to me… Agh, I feel so wealthy and so loved!


Beautiful Inviting Environments

One of my top values in life is beauty. I am surrounded by beauty within my home with art, unique furnishings and view from my home of the mountains as well as abundant rivers, lakes and evergreen trees surrounding me. Thank you God for abundant beauty.

Adventurous Exploration 

One of my favorite things in life are road trips. On the drive home from Portland, I decided to take the scenic route and explore the back roads. I discovered a replica of Stonehenge in England which was a veteran memorial perched on the hill above the mighty Columbia River. Exquisite!

IMG_1198Glowing, Vibrant Aliveness

Birthdays, similar to the New Year, seem to be a time for many of us to want to get healthier and get better. Two months before my birthday, I discovered Mark’s Daily Apple and his Primal Blueprint. I eliminated grains, beans, processed foods and polyunsaturated oils. I started eating a lot more fat (yes, really!) and exercising in a different way. I feel fantastic and am celebrating what I have with a newfound level of aliveness and energy.

Authentic Self Expression 

Can we say enough good things about the internet, blogging and our ability to express ourselves through writing and putting it out there to the world? How amazing is this? I am truly grateful as I am able to easily use my voice to express my authentic self and hopefully inspire some of you along the way.

Happiness is wanting what you have. Please take a moment to be happy for what you have right now…today!