Recently I joined friends on the American River outside Sacramento for a weekend camping trip. The river had lots of rapids and we had a blast floating during the day and gazing at the stars at night. While my girlfriend and I were lying on our backs on the warm rocks still radiating heat from the sun, we became completely enthralled by the sound of the rushing rapids and spectacular twilight scenery. So engaged in the moment, when I decided to sit up, my fanny pack with my van keys accidentally flipped into the river…OOPS!

Amazingly enough, the moment it happened, I was immediately convinced I would get the fanny pack and keys back. All that RISE to Success training from my lifetime of studying human potential kicked in due to my “unconscious competence” in this arena. Thank heaven for that!

The only thing in this life that matters is what you think, what you envision, what you say and how you feel. This is what I call the RISE: Repetition – Images – Sound – Emotion. In the following video, you will experience how I implemented the RISE and got my keys back. Trust me, it is a great and inspiring story. I think you will like it.


Next time you are faced with losing your keys in the river, or any other calamity, remember my story and know that there is always hope even in what appears to be the most dire circumstances. Immediately focus on what you WANT, not what you DON’T WANT — in this case having to get new keys for my van! I sincerely wanted them to come back to me and I dreamed it right into reality.  And you have this same power, too.

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