Close the Gap Between Where You Are Today – And Where You Want To Be! 

This Program Is What You Need To Take Your Life To The Next Level of Unprecedented Success, Levels You Can’t Even Comprehend At This Point, But You Know That You Need to Get To!

RISE to Success is Patrice's Proven 3-Step Process to Unlock Your Full Brain Potential and Create a Life You Love!

  • RETRAIN your brain for success

  • RISE ABOVE life and business challenges

  • RECHARGE and refocus your core power

It's time to take your power back!!

Seeking highly motivated & ready-to-work people who want SPECTACULAR results in their business, career and their life!

Are you ready to turn on your brain and quadruple your results for the same work and effort

All while propelling yourself to the next level in your life?

I’m here to give you the insights, tools and strategies you need to move forward and unlock parts of your brain you never even knew were there! 

The Master Class is where an elite group of people gather together virtually to create results that would be impossible to do so alone.

Get Ready for a Breakthrough to Higher Levels of Success!!

You want more for your future and family, but aren’t sure how to get it.

You could save yourself years of frustration by having someone help connect the dots and shortcut the pathway to your goals by showing you exactly what needs to get done – and how to get those things done faster – to propel your business to the next level!

My unique method of teaching the inside-out success principles gets results for anyone!

You will be equipped with the mindset it takes to overcome challenges — and how to get from where you are in your career, business and life to where you want to be! This program is perfect for Executives, Entrepreneurs, Realtors, Insurance Professionals, Contractors, Creative Artists, those with ADHD, Coaches, Managers, Direct Sales Professionals, Franchise and Business Owners, People in Career Transition, Veterans and many, many more!! People just getting started in their careers and those already quite successful.

If you stick with me through this program, you will be unstoppable, and you will be a master at using your brain to get phenomenal results for the rest of your life!

Apply Her Teachings and See Results - I Already Have!

Patrice is a force of wisdom, humor and inspiration! Her signature RISE to Success program has transformed my life. I have launched a coaching platform that has been a dream of mine for over 10 years, retained new clients and increased my income by 20%. 

Joe Littell, Business Owner

Patrice is truly one-of-a-kind.  Her mentoring was pivotal in my life and she was the spark that propelled me to success.

Davey Lubin, Naturalist, Esther G. Sea Taxi — Sitka, Alaska

Let me show you how to STOP wasting your time and energy trying to achieve your goals without new brain science and laws of physics

Learn my PROVEN PERSONAL STRATEGIES that enable you to make progress while you SLEEP and enjoy a better life!

This program is NOT for someone who is just dragging their feet and playing around! It WILL be for serious people who need more time with me to get the results they want right away!

Are You Ready To:

  • Take the idea of what you think is possible – and turn it into a tangible reality!
  • Start seeing the results you’ve always wanted in your business and life!
  • Create your own destiny that is not limited by your past circumstances or situations!
  • Fine tune your ability to recognize and see things for how they really are – without influence from fears or emotions!
  • Get out of your own way of what you know as familiar and create a new way at looking at life to become your new ‘normal’ way of being and acting!

I’m Here To Help You Accomplish All Of This, And More, If You’ll Let Me!

RISE to Success Master Class is the first program of its kind to be birthed from the recent success of the #1 Bestselling Book. This book has had a profound impact on many people’s lives instantly.

Scientifically sound, yet powerfully practical, RISE is the result of this “mastermind brain trainer’s” lifetime of action research and results with top executives and companies across the globe! Patrice Lynn has put her heart and soul into her RISE formula for success. Her step-by-step, 15 minute per day process can be put into practice starting today!

- Susan Colton, Principal

RISE to Successis a life-changing program. This is the most cutting edge and relevant program for anyone interested in changing their habits. Patrice’s work is powerful and her communication is to the point with nothing wasted.

- Richard Campbell, Author

RISE to Success is for anyone who wants a better future. It's within reach when you adopt the Repetition - Images - Sound - Emotion approach. This program almost redefines “learning” by explaining how to do it better than ever before.

- Kevin Khayat, Consultant

Rise to Success will catapult you out of any stuck place and back on the highway to achieving your dreams. Patrice obviously has a passion to help others achieve their goals.

- Linda Peck, Community Leader


Your Master Class Mentor Patrice Lynn

For over 25 years, Patrice has helped thousands of people to grow personally and professionally as a speaker, author, learning specialist, and results coach. She has worked with business owners, leaders, managers and teams, and individuals from all walks of life.

On a never-ending quest to bring you the absolute best knowledge and tools, her certifications in training, coaching and personal transformation are top notch. Patrice has been a "natural coach" since 1995. She went on to receive professional credentials with The International Coach Federation, The Coaches Training Institute, ADD Coach Academy, and Barrett Values Center Cultural Transformation Tools. At ActionCOACH she was a franchise owner, part of the world’s largest business coaching team, and award-winning coach. Patrice has over 5,000 hours of 1-1 coaching with people who are ready to go to the next level. 

As a brain training expert Patrice also has held national training positions with Cross Country University, Fred Pryor/CareerTrack, eCommerce Processing and Creative Learning International. She loves to learn and teach what she learns to others in dynamic and interactive ways.

Patrice’s life mission is “To educate and inspire others to live a life that will set them free”. She will be there with you personally, every step of the way, to ensure you see the success you deserve.


Just A Taste Of What Will Be Covered Here With My 3-month RISE to Success Master Class

  • 1

    How to define a clear life vision

  • 2

    Revolutionary 4-step R-I-S-E formula

  • 3

    The science of results mastery

  • 4

    New techniques for goal setting

  • 5

    Eliminate resistance to success from the past

  • 6

    Visualization and meditation techniques

  • 7

    Basics of neuroscience and quantum physics

  • 8

    The daily RISE to Success Journal system

Where Would Your Life & Business Be After Three Months If You Had Patrice Lynn Helping You Shift Your Paradigm?

Patrice helped me identify a clear life vision and gave me her proven tools. From there I went on to tremendous success in my profession.

Laurie Dupar, International ADHD Coach Training Center

RISE to Success came along at the perfect time in my life! You have changed my life with these brain insights Patrice. Thank You.

Mark Hoover, Real Estate Investor

 Those Who Join Will Not Recognize Their Life By The End of The Year! Are You Ready? 


  • Virtual Masterminds with Patrice and other attendees
  • 90-Day Plan to implement the RISE to Success Journal system on a daily basis
  • Guidance for goal setting, focus and programming your brain properly
  • Recorded Training Videos to teach you the basics of the RISE results formula
  • Recordings of All Virtual Masterminds! You get to keep everything forever to refer back to! I’ve truly covered all the bases for you!
  • A private Facebook Group for Master Class Members with Patrice

All LIVE In-Person Sessions Are Recorded For Those Who Are Unable To Attend in Person! 


Coming Soon in Sacramento, California

Make a commitment to be here — YOUR family and YOUR future deserves this! 

VIRTUAL Master Class $997 Value      

ACT NOW and Receive a HUGE Savings!! $997

VIRTUAL Master Class
  • 6 VIRTUAL Master Mind Group Training Sessions (2x/month)
  • 3 Recorded Video Trainings
  • Facebook Group with Patrice
  • ++BONUSES++
YES, I want the Master Class

Where Would Your Life & Business Be After Three Months If You Had Patrice Lynn Helping You With Your Unique Challenges and Dreams? ADD One-on-One Coaching to Your VIRTUAL Master Class! 

VIRTUAL Master Class + Coaching With Patrice   $1997 Value      

ACT NOW and Receive a BIG Discount!! $1997

VIRTUAL Master Class + Coaching w/Patrice
  • Live One-on-One Coaching with Patrice Lynn (phone)
  • 6 VIRTUAL Master Mind Group Training Sessions (2x/month)
  • 3 Recorded Video Trainings
  • Facebook Group with Patrice
  • ++BONUSES++
YES, I want the Master Class

Risk is Gone — Money-back Guarantee!

I want to accept your investment only if you are satisfied with it.

Enroll in Master Class now. You go through 3-month program, commit to 90-days of the RISE to Success Journal and attend all events. If you do not feel you received incredible value, you are eligible for you money back. You must execute and submit a Proof of Action Form in order to activate this money-back guarantee.

Plus These Awesome Bonuses When You Act Right Now

Here are a few people who have mentored with Patrice Lynn

Patrice worked with me at a crucial time of growth in our company. She was able to help me organize and concentrate my skill sets enabling me to become more productive, providing more time to focus on the big picture items. Our business increased profitability, margins, and was able to make major hiring moves in her wake. Never judgmental but always holding me accountable... her guidance helped me become more disciplined in my day to day routine and more successful in my business.

Loree Mulay Weisman Loree Mulay Weisman
President, Mulay’s Sausage

Patrice lives what she teaches. She is an inspiring coach and her support and guidance is valuable. I have achieved clarity with regards to my goals and priorities. My focus and productivity has reached new heights.

H. Steve Ellenberg H. Steve Ellenberg
President, Trumark Manufacturing

Patrice projects that she believes in the innate goodness of all people and you in particular. She also inspires a sense of personal responsibility. She sees how much more effective people and businesses could be and seeks to help them get that way. I think her motivation is one of service more than having a job. She communicates well because she speaks form her heart as well as her mind. I wholeheartedly recommend Patrice Lynn.

Leslie Schultz Leslie Schultz
Designer, Color World Printers

Patrice is an energetic, insightful Coach with a concrete understanding of the corporate and business world. At our first team meeting with Patrice we set a “Common Goal” of $16 million for the year with a net profit margin of 3.9%. Coaching has given me the confidence and tools to reach over $18 million in revenue, with a net profit of 7.2% — over $1,000,000! Patrice helped me to play to my strengths as a leader and assisted me in implementing several innovative business practices. We keep the lines of communication open with a “WIFLE” at the end of our weekly team meetings. Patrice also guided us in creating our industry niche and identifying the best companies to do business with, which brought increases in sales. The motivation she shared inspired us to go for an “Extreme Build” of the steel erection of a large retail store in 72 hours — a record and fulfillment of our vision! Patrice definitely adds value.

Shawn Brosam Shawn Brosam
President, West Coast Iron

Patrice brings together creativity, mindful-ness and intuition to create a powerful space for coaching. As my mentor coach, she helped me develop the presence and competence for the work I do today

Sackeena Gordon Jones, PhD, PCC, CTC Sackeena Gordon Jones, PhD, PCC, CTC
Executive Coach

Patrice Lynn is an extremely gifted and talented trainer. When I first saw Patrice present The Accounting Game, I realized she was one of those rare trainers that had the qualities I search for. She is very dynamic and can work with a group of people and keep several trains of thought going at one time. She knows how to connect with an audience with compassion and focus, and really knows how to have fun with people. People love Patrice and really open up in her presence.

Nancy Maresh, Accelerated Learning Master Nancy Maresh, Accelerated Learning Master
Chief Creative Officer, Brains At Work

Each time our coaching session has ended I have felt like my head and heart have been expanded. Because of who you are — I grow. I expand. You encourage that in me.

Tom Jacobson Tom Jacobson
IT Systems Manager, Healthcare

I believe having Patrice as your coach is the right move. I have found her to be extremely valuable in several areas of Corporate Development. My work habits have improved immensely, especially my abilities to be more proactive, focused and organized. I am aligning my weekly roles and goals with the bigger vision for my department. Patrice has helped me to clarify that vision, visualize my goals and begin to achieve them. The regular communication with her has begun to influence those around me. Patrice makes working with a coach a pleasure – her genuine concern comes through as well as her incredible wealth of knowledge. Patrice – thanks for the positive contribution you have made to my life!

Laura G. Malagon Laura G. Malagon
Quality Manager, Noven Pharmaceuticals

Patrice — lasting positive change & beauty are surely works of patience and persistence. You have helped me glimpse a “beauty way”, a method and a habit of working life that can add up to quite a work of art. Thank You!

David Adlai Adamson David Adlai Adamson
President, EcoBuild
VIRTUAL Master Class
  • 6 VIRTUAL Master Mind Group Training Sessions (2x/month)
  • 3 Recorded Video Trainings
  • Facebook Group with Patrice
  • ++BONUSES++
YES, I want the Master Class
VIRTUAL Master Class + Coaching w/Patrice
  • Live One-on-One Coaching with Patrice Lynn (phone)
  • 6 VIRTUAL Master Mind Group Training Sessions (2x/month)
  • 3 Recorded Video Trainings
  • Facebook Group with Patrice
  • ++BONUSES++
YES, I want the Master Class

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