Naturally Boulder has been a catalyst for Colorado’s dynamic natural products community and companies for more than a decade. Tonight at the monthly networking event, we heard powerful stories from three culture champions at three member companies. To promote the event NB said:

“Company culture may get a bad rap for being the soft, touchy-feely aspect of a business. But there is much more to it than happy hours, parties and motivational posters. The ways companies create and maintain their culture and treat their people impact employee engagement, retention, the products they develop and the service given to customers. The ROI of having a great culture is real and is becoming more of a necessity to compete in the modern world.”

Culture is the New Frontier of Competitive Advantage

I couldn’t agree more. Culture is the new frontier of competitive advantage. As cultural entropy improves, we have case studies to prove revenue, market share, productivity and employee engagement improve as well. Here are the stores of those succeeding when it comes to culture!

Jen Margoles – Executive Vice President at 34 Degrees

Jenny Margoles spoke eloquently and fluidly about how much she loves culture and making it happy and thriving. At 34 Degrees they value good food, community, empowerment and everyone having a voice. She affirmed it all starts with the leadership and they must be on board for culture to flourish. Their commitment to serve is the highest level of consciousness on our Barrett 7 Levels Model. Working out together, having lunch together, the 11 people at 34 Degrees are mindful and present to their culture.

Ramonna Robinson – President and Co-Owner at Ground Floor Media

In the Lodo section of Denver, Ground Floor Media is a team of 35 who feel their culture is their greatest asset. Their 3 pillars of celebration, camaraderie and community create their culture foundation. They have actually been able to measure employee attrition and it comes in at less than 5%, a metric Ramonna feels is a direct result of their healthy culture, for which they are quite grateful. Active lifestyle allowances for gym memberships and massage, walking meetings, and paid time off to serve at a local food bank are examples of their commitment to a healthy, sustainable culture.

Jill Emich – Owner at Shine Restaurant and Gathering Place

Jill and her triplet sisters started Shine Restaurant as a loving, community focused gathering place right in the heart of Boulder. They value passion, love, well-being, community, quality, celebrations and hand-crafted creations which include farm-to-table comfort food, locally brewed beer and healing potions. As Jill spoke, the essence of Shine came to life in the depth and breadth of their collaborative creations. The NB networking event was held at Shine and the energy there is always great.

As these three stellar cultures suggest, no one can copy or steal your culture because it is unique to every company. Your products, technology and marketing strategies can be hijacked, but not your culture!

For support in identifying, measuring and improving your company culture, please contact Patrice Lynn. As a culture consultant and leadership coach certified in the Cultural Transformation Tools, Patrice is part of a global team who have improved culture in over 6,000 companies in 90 countries and 50 languages. The language of culture is universal and one that speaks volumes in creating healthy, happy, thriving companies.