No matter how successful you are, there is always room to improve as an organization, a team and a leader. In today’s dynamic economy, it will serve you well to not settle for “good”, but to strive to become “great”.

For over two decades, Patrice Lynn has inspired, educated and empowered leaders and teams to consistently strive for excellence, play to their strengths and perform at their best. Clients of her successful management consulting and training firm have included The World Bank, Hewlett Packard, and Patagonia, as well as hundreds of small to mid-size enterprises.

Endorsements from Patrice’s Consulting Clients

“The changes we made as a result of working with Patrice have had an immediate positive impact and have become a permanent part of the way our business operates.”
Stephanie, Celestial Seasonings 

“As a top executive, it is challenging to balance all the demands on me. It is helpful to have Patrice to talk to – she helps me to stay focused on the factors critical to our success.”
Robin Norris, COO, Noven Pharmaceuticals

“In the Leadership Audit, Patrice was able to glean meaningful feedback from my employees, clearly convey that feedback to me, and then provide me with excellent advice on how to make improvements.  I am very pleased with the results. The communication between me and my employees has never been better.”
Grant Bafas, Business Owner

“What we got from Patrice is more than we asked for. Patrice was able to help us with personal productivity during our consolidation project and move to a new building. The bottom line is we accomplished our objective and you helped us have fun while doing it!”
Art Upham, Hewlett Packard


“The 6 Keys of a Winning Team brought us together in a powerful way. Communication has improved and we have more synergy. The greatest benefit of coaching has been to get the right people on the bus. I am excited about my business all over again!”
De Scott, President, Simply Northwest

“I have been in business for nearly fifteen years and have been very successful as a mail order vitamin and mineral company. Initially, I was not sure if I needed a consultant in light of my previous success. Was I wrong! Patrice’s insightful advice and tireless support have motivated and inspired me and my team in ways that I couldn’t foresee previously: The programs and structures she recommended and custom-tailored for my business are working. Our sales have increased and are on the up-swing every month. I appreciate Patrice’s expertise and I would not hesitate to recommend her for a start-up or successful business.”
 James Templeton, President, Uni Key Health Systems

“I appreciate the guidance you are giving me, my management team and my entire staff. Employee morale, productivity, and customer retention, and most importantly we are showing a nice profit now. It is all looking up!” Carrie Magruder, BrickHouse

Organization – Leadership – Team Consulting

Time to WIN!Patrice will help you to make The 6 Keys of a Winning Team a part of your company culture. This is the competitive advantage in today’s business world. Learn how to mobilize your team to produce consistent results day after day.

The 6 Keys of a Winning Team

1 – Strong Leadership – Leadership Audits give leaders valuable feedback on strengths and challenges, followed by leadership development and identification of a strong, clear vision that excites the whole team. Watch Leadership Webinar.
2 – Rules of the Game – Behaviors of people make up the company culture. Rules of the Game define the values, attitudes, and behaviors through written agreements to be implemented day-to-day.
3 – Common Goal – Top to bottom communication and commitment to a high-level goal created in the proper format inspire a desire to win, competitive drive and a positive sense of ownership and belonging.
4 – Strategic Action Plan – Goals broken down into action plans, with specific steps, details, and timelines along with clear accountability lead to business results. Create a clear path people will be able to achieve.
5 – Performance Accountability – What gets measured gets done. High performance happens when the right people are in the rights seat on the bus, with clear roles and expectations and performance metrics.
6 – Connected Communication – Heartfelt, respectful communication is vital to generate productive moods and foster cooperation and innovation among your team, which makes them want to stay.

Leaders and Teams who are aligned and in sync are a powerful force! Lack of good team building habits result in poor morale, lackluster performance, turnover or missed opportunities you simply cannot afford in today’s fast-paced, competitive environment. Lean organizations rely more and more on interconnected teams to accomplish goals.

More Endorsements from Patrice’s Consulting Clients

“We enjoyed working with Patrice on a wide range of tasks – from motivational speaking on leadership at our annual board retreat to Team Building for Leadership Bozeman to a seminar on ‘How to Project a Positive Business Image’, which was the best attended monthly seminar we ever had. Patrice has a very pleasing approach and great enthusiasm. We highly recommend her!”
Michele Letendre, Bozeman Chamber of Commerce

“Many thanks for your contribution towards making our divisional retreat last month a success. As a division with over 40 people and 20 nationalities dealing with infrastructure policy and project development and financing in Africa, time is of the essence. Your lucid presentation of Time Management issues and how to engineer a good day was very well received – the quadrants often come up in a discussion of new activities! You left your mark firmly imprinted on our staff.”
Jean H. Doyen, Chief, The World Bank

“We appreciated your efforts at our executive retreat. You did an outstanding job creating focus and direction for us to achieve our goal of creating a mission statement for our new division. Everyone enjoyed the meeting and was excited about our results. With your help, we realize the importance of the people in our organization and what we need to focus on for future growth.”
Hunter Hobbs, Director, WSMP Food Service

Patrice Can Assist You in the Following Areas

• Leadership Development/Audits
• Management Retreats
• Leader and Team Alignment
• Mission, Vision, Values Identification
• Process Improvement
• Strategic Planning
• Goal Setting/Achievement
• Employee Engagement
• Company Culture
• Role Placement of Managers
• Assessments

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