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Patrice is literally amazed that in the fast-paced, multi-media, sound bite world we live in, many in-person presentations are still delivered using century old lecture methodologies. Her significant expertise in training design and delivery integrates accelerated learning methodologies to adult learning environments which make them engaging, fun and memorable.

Endorsements for Patrice’s Presentation Training

“Anyone who desires an understanding of how to present information to others would benefit from attending Patrice Lynn’s ‘Learn Fast! Keys to Accelerated Learning’. This training gives a clear track on which to run providing experienced presenters the science behind what you already intuitively know, and inexperienced presenters a simple understanding of what to do to be successful. I was impressed with Patrice’s humility and how much fun she had, which added so much to the training. I had fun – I am sure you will, too!”
Brian Bumpas, Businessman

Patrice Was Mentored by The Best in the Accelerated Learning Field

Just as exciting as it would have been to learn to play the piano from Mozart, Patrice feels incredibly fortunate to have been mentored by pioneers in the accelerated learning field to understand the dynamics of adult learning and how to make it engaging and memorable. Patrice worked with her mentor, Nancy Maresh, for five years. Nancy is an international expert in accelerated learning and brain-to-brain communication. She is the founder of Brains At Work and was named as one of the ten most powerful women in the learning business by Successful Meetings Magazine in 2000. Nancy taught Patrice how to utilize the power of the brain with “dynamic interactivity” and “increased learning speed” to keep the learning going long after the training event is done.

Patrice collaborated with Nancy and her team to design and delivering training and training materials including self-paced learning guides and interactive activities for Fortune100 companies such as Kodak and Coopers & Lybrand, with budgets up to $500,000.

Here is What Nancy Maresh has to Say About Patrice as Trainer

“Patrice Lynn is an extremely gifted and talented trainer. When I first saw Patrice present The Accounting Game, I realized she was one of those rare trainers that had the qualities I search for. She is very dynamic and can work with a group of people and keep several trains of thought going at one time. She knows how to connect with an audience with compassion and focus, and really knows how to have fun with people. People love Patrice and really open up in her presence. I contracted with Patrice to do some extensive course design, logistics and accelerated learning presentation training. She knows all the angles of training from the first words on the drawing board to packing the boxes after the last client leaves the room. She is extremely competent and creative and I enjoy working with her very much. We have always had rave reviews about Patrice.”

More Endorsements from Patrice’s Clients

“Hiring Patrice as my Presentation Coach has proved to be a great investment. Having a coach allowed me to jump in, get started and move through the blocks. Working with Patrice has helped to save tremendous amounts of time, as well as develop my abilities in ways I would never have on my own. This was the best money I ever spent!”
Melanie Schmidt, President, Essentiels Spa

“Patrice, appreciate you more than you know. Thanks for the opportunity to see you in ACTION. Your workshop was dynamic and I especially enjoyed the pairing off portion where key points were relayed from us to our partners – great method to reinforce the learning!”
Julie Delsaso, Nurse

“As always, you are superb at getting the audience involved, making it interesting, informative and enjoyable. You winning smile helps to make your presentations engaging whether serious, informative or humorous – Great!”
Participant Feedback

Patrice’s Training Design Abilities for Top 100 Accounting Firm

Development efforts for the CFO-as-You-Grow consulting program for a regional Top 100 Accounting Firm included a strategic plan for the rollout, program purpose and goals, and conceptual design of program model. Documentation of work plans and procedures for the program was recorded in online business software. Designed sales presentations and learning aids.

“You have helped us accomplish so much in such a short period of time. You’ve been a real valuable friend, supporter and advisor to me and our program. I would have never come up with the visual framework design you created on my own – it has been invaluable to bring a clear understanding of our program to our clients. Thank you for your wisdom, enthusiasm, and care for me and our firm.”
Nate Riggan, CPA, PointGuard Financial

Patrice’s Roles Over Two Decades Qualify her as “Learning Expert”

• Trainer
• Train-the-Trainer
• Assistant Trainer
• Program Designer
• Program Coordinator
• Presenter
• Author of Online Learning Courses
• Producer and Director of Online Video
• Curriculum Designer
• Assistant Designer
• LMS – Learning Management System Manager
• Director of Education and Training
• Learning Consultant

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