patrice imagePatrice’s ability to coach leaders and teams has improved product quality, organizational effectiveness, and business performance in over 300 companies. Patrice is considered to be a “Natural Coach” with an authentic blend of passion to see people excel, ability to hold others accountable to action, and be a cheerleader, confidant, teacher and advisor.

Patrice has coached CEO’s, COO’s, Presidents, VP’s Directors, Business Owners, Managers and Teams in leadership, organizational development, goal setting, planning, team building, communication, culture and personal and professional development. Patrice Lynn has partnered with Leadership Beyond Limits to deliver Coach2Lead and empower leaders to bring the impactful skill of coaching into their company culture.

One Engineer/President credits coaching for the achievement of his dream! With coaching, his unique tool invention went from design to market, including overseas manufacturing and import:

“I want to thank you for your dedicated and capable work over the past year as my executive coach. Your style is warm and accepting, but you expect effort from your clients, as you should. The positive impact of your help is already evident. I have expanded the business, added personnel, and take time for long-term planning. As you know, I’ve launched a major business venture which converts one of my long-term goals into action. You have been both encouraging of this dream of mine, but you have also stressed the need for planning and identifying the critical success factors. With your tactful, but firm comments I now feel well grounded in the skills and the mental attitude necessary to make personal and business-related changes so I can be more organized and profitable.”
Jon X. Giltner, P.E., JG&A Engineering Consultants

Another steel erection company president credits Patrice’s coaching for net profit increase of 129% over previous year. Result: $1,000,000 to the bottom line:

“Patrice is an energetic, insightful Coach with a concrete understanding of the corporate/business world. At our first team meeting with Patrice we set a “Common Goal” of $16 million for the year with a net profit margin of 3.9%. Coaching has given me the confidence and tools to reach over $18 million in revenue, with a net profit of 7.2%; over $1,000,000! ” Patrice helped me to play to my strengths as a leader and assisted me in implementing several innovative business practices. We keep the lines of communication open with a WIFLE at the end of our weekly team meetings. Patrice also guided us in creating our industry niche and identifying the best companies to do business with, which brought some course corrections. Patrice’s involvement with any company would be a beneficial investment.”
Shawn Brosam, President, West Coast Iron

Over 5,000 hours One-on-One Coaching

CoachingPatrice Lynn’s coaching credential are extensive. She has made a significant investment to be a professional in her field. Patrice  Lynn has received the following certifications over the past 10 years:

PCC – Professionally Certified Coach (The International Coach Federation) with over 5,000 hours of documented one-on-one coaching sessions.  PCC Coaching Certificate

CPCC – Certified Professional Co-active Coach (The Coaches Training Institute). Graduate of nation’s oldest and largest coach training organization (CTI). CPCC Coaching Certificate

ActionCOACH Business/Executive Coach Certification & Previous Franchise Owner – Ranked in the top 10% of 1200 executive coaches worldwide based on performance. Coaches facilitate systematic learning and implementation of business development best practices for business owners and executives.

CTT – Cultural Transformation Tools Certification The Cultural Transformation Tools (CTT) are one of the most detailed and comprehensive cultural diagnostics and values assessment instruments commercially available, to leaders, consultants, and coaches. The Cultural Transformation Tools are designed to support leaders in building high-performance, values-driven cultures that attract and keep talented people and increase staff engagement.

ACG – ADD Coach Academy Graduate – Extensive training in one of the fastest growing neurological phenomena’s, Adult ADHD. Patrice has developed and delivered training nationally on Coaching ADHD, and authored an online course on ‘Managing ADHD in the Classroom’.

More Endorsements from Patrice’ Coaching Clients

‘“Patrice projects that she believes in the innate goodness of all people and you in particular. She also inspires a sense of personal responsibility. She see how much more effective people and businesses could be and seeks to help them get that way. I think her motivation is one of service more than having a job. She communicates well because she speaks form her heart as well as her mind. I wholeheartedly recommend Patrice.”
Leslie Schultz, Color World Printers

“I believe having Patrice as your coach is the right move. I have found her to be extremely valuable in several areas of Corporate Development. My work habits have improved immensely, especially my abilities to be more proactive, focused and organized. We are implementing an effective time management tool and I am aligning my weekly roles and goals with the bigger vision for my department. Patrice has helped me to clarify that vision, visualize my goals and begin to achieve them. The regular communication with her has begun to influence those around me. Patrice makes working with a coach a pleasure – her genuine concern comes through as well as her incredible wealth of knowledge. Patrice – thanks for the positive contribution you have made to my life!
Laura G. Malagon, QA , Noven Pharmaceuticals

“Patrice – lasting positive change & beauty are surely works of patience and persistence. You have helped me glimpse a “beauty way”, a method and a habit of working life that can add up to quite a work of art. Thank You!”
David Adlair, Businessman

“Patrice lives what she teaches. She is an inspiring coach and her support and guidance is valuable. I have achieved clarity with regards to my goals and priorities. My focus and productivity has reached new heights.“
H. Steve Ellenberg, President, Trumark Manufacturing

“Patrice Lynn came into my life just when I needed her. Selling my company I owned and operated for over 11 years – this is a very big deal! Patrice’s role as the coach one hour a week helped me 1) not to lose my mind 2) make it through learning as many lessons as possible along the way 3) acknowledge my sense of self through the transition. Working with Patrice has been extremely valuable to me. I can highly recommend her to tailor her skills and abilities to your unique situation as she has mine.”
Libby Stuber, President, Therapeutic Trends

“YOU HAVE TO DO THIS! You don’t know what you don’t know, and in business what you don’t know can hurt you. I doubled my sales in the first 2 months of coaching. I am thrilled with our results.”
Cindra Shields, Magazine Publisher

Patrice is passionate about helping people to reach their full potential no matter what challenges they face and no matter what level of success they have already achieved.

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