Have you ever lived in a state where there was no speed limit? I did. When you are young and love to drive fast, Montana in the 1990’s was the place to be! My boyfriend at the time lent me his gorgeous, high performance Porsche for a business meeting I had ninety miles away. With a big smile on my face, and the car wrapped around me, I executed the trek in forty-five minutes. You do the math. That’s right — my average speed was 120 MPH.

To average 120 MPH for that long, I had to sustain the most intense, clear focus on where I wanted to go. The conditions were perfect with clear, dry roads, high sunshine, and very few people on the I-90 thoroughfare because it was past tourist season. The only potential obstacle was the other people who might have been oblivious to my presence because I was going twice as fast as they were. If they pulled out in front of me to pass another car, it could have been dangerous. Therefore, I prolonged a laser focus quite a distance ahead of me to anticipate everyone’s move as I blazed by in a whir.

My life and the safety of those around me were at stake. I was confident of the car and my driving ability. But the focus was on the whole picture as it unfolded second by second and all the sensual input I had to gather to maneuver the course with success. What I felt was the exhilaration and power surge of focus at such a high level while driving extremely fast. This was truly a magical mountaintop experience for me.

To attain the results you want in your life will take periods of laser focus mixed with crystal clarity. As you practice you will become more and more skilled. My Porsche adventure taught me a lot about what’s possible and how to hone this technique.

BrainTip: To Get What You Want in Life Requires Intense Focus

Let’s take charge of our thought processes and think most of the time intensely and powerfully about successful outcomes in our business and personal lives. It’s all about conjuring up enough passion and persistence to ingrain new patterns into your subconscious mind and letting the brain work behind the scenes for you.

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