Today marks the beginning of my second year in Sacramento, California. One year and one day ago I arrived in this town with nowhere to live, no immediate way to earn a living, no established community of friends, family, or colleagues and no spiritual community.

Having lived here from 2000-2003, I knew I loved the climate and the people of Sacramento, but my new life here was pretty much a clean slate. People often asked me what led me to move back to this Mediterranean climate in the northern part of California. Well, it is a rather unusual story…

After 6 months of helping my Mother in Ohio transition to assisted living, and selling the house and all her belongings, I needed to find a new place to call home. I had moved out of my condo in Colorado and decided I was done with snow and high elevations. I just wasn’t sure where to go to next…

Being a woman of faith in God, my longtime counselor prayed with me that the right and perfect place to bring my gifts and service to the world would be revealed to me directly through the Holy Spirit. After our intense counseling session and prayer, I decided to take a nap.

One hour later I woke up, and as I was re-entering consciousness, I immediately received a very clear, verbal directive with one word: “Sacramento”. I had not been thinking of California at all because of the drought. But that winter of 2016-2017 had been a banner year for snow and rainfall and the California reservoirs were brimming with water once again. As I mentioned, I lived here previously and realized that I had great success during those years speaking, coaching, and training. Because Californians in general are open-minded and progressive thinkers, it really was a great fit for me. People before responded to me with open arms and acknowledged my expertise which felt great.

I took a minute or two for the revelation to sink in, and then I just smiled. When those intuitions come so quickly and easily, it is best to do one thing — ACT! I made up my mind right then and there I was headed back to Sacramento, California, a place I had grown to love. Then I put that plan into motion immediately.

God had spoken clearly to me (a very rare yet coveted event), and in my mind that is all I needed to know this was the right decision. Now suffice it to say that does not mean the path will be paved with rainbows and fairy dust. And my first year here has certainly not been easy.

For instance, I rented rooms in 2 people’s homes until I found a stable place to call home. Due to an insane California housing market, I was without a place to live for a period of 2 weeks. Thank heaven for generous new friends who helped me in my time of transition. After 3 months I got into my first car accident in 10 years, and 8 months later I just finished treatment for those injuries. I had unusual, unidentifiable car troubles. I also had 2 training contracts start and both get postponed after 2 weeks of work and several job interviews that went nowhere.

At one point during the year I looked back and realized I had actually lived in 4 states in the span of one year: CO, AZ, OH, and CA. Now that is transition! But I could not stop. I had to keep going. I had to persevere. There was no other option. I felt as though I was literally running on empty most of that first year.

There was one constant in my life in regards to work and becoming established and that was THE BOOK. I felt an incredible forward movement towards finishing my first book, RISE to Success. It seemed as if every waking moment I was writing — days, evenings and weekends. Along with that was editing, designing, proofing, researching, and learning how to birth my book into the world.

Fortunately, I found an office space in an insurance company where I traded training for parking myself there to work. This office space was a huge stabilizing factor in the midst of my transition. Eventually the lovely home I found was only one mile from that office — a total blessing due to gas prices and congested California roadways. You gotta love a one mile commute!

Now to the adventure part! In this past year I have made some dear friends, become part of incredible networking tribes, stayed fit on some beautiful bike trails, and attended celebrity golf tournaments and 4th of July extravaganzas in Lake Tahoe. I disco danced under the full moon outside on New Year’s Eve with 50 friends, volunteered with the little children “Game Changers” at church, went wine tasting in Napa, beach combing in Carmel, and camping at gorgeous settings in the mountains.

And, biggest WIN of all – I self published my first book and it became a bestseller!! RISE to Success is now opening doors quickly and powerfully, just like “They” said it would. Knowing I am touching lives with the insights in my book is an incredible reward.

The first week I arrived in Sacramento I took communion during a power outage at my old church. In the dark I sensed God’s presence and to my surprise, He spoke to me once again. He thanked me for going where he sent me, and said my life here would be better than I could ever imagine. This brought tears to my eyes, love to my heart, and wonder to my spirit. I believed Him – I truly believed Him. In that moment, I knew that everything would work out just fine.

The past week marks one year in my transition. Now that my book has been published one month, I have begun to market with massive networking. Just in the past week I have been booked to speak, people have asked me to coach them, and several want to attend my 90-day Master Class. Multitudes bought my books on the spot at social events. Several companies are interested in contracting with me for training design and delivering training. (Of course, I have been using the brain training techniques I teach in the book to focus on a positive image over and over). Doors are opening wide and I feel so happy, quite relieved, and filled with hope and optimism for the future.

Transitions can certainly be challenging, I am the first to admit that truth. And they can also be an adventure as it is certain that new people, places and opportunities will come along with the new territory. Adventure breeds courage, initiative and daring that keep us progressing.

Here’s to whatever transition you find yourself in today. May you have the fortitude to weather the storms and revel in the adventure of it all!

By Patrice Lynn, The Brain Training Expert – – Go to her website for a FREE Brain Training Checklist and other FREE GIFTS – Order her book RISE to Success with this direct link Amazon.